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Acceptable Use Policy


User agrees that unless paid as otherwise, this is not a dedicated account and will not be used as such. "Unlimited" refers to unlimited usage up to 270 hours per month.

Dedicated Account

Usage above 270 hours/month is considered a dedicated account. Usage above the 270 hours/month will result in a $1.00 per hour charge to the users account. If payment is not made, the account will be suspended and turned over to an outside agency for collection.

Idle Time

All subscribers should log off if idle for more than twenty (20) minutes. Pinging servers, leaving chat rooms connected or using other means to simply maintain a connection is considered abuse of the system and cause for termination of user's account. No BOT scripts are allowed (eggdrop, etc.).

User Harassment

User agrees to use ShoalsLink's network and services for lawful purposes only and not to annoy or harass other Internet users. (ShoalsLink, Inc. will be the sole judge as to what constitutes annoying acts or harassment.)

File Transfers/Material Transfers

User agrees not to transmit any material in violation of any federal or state law or local ordinance. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, material protected by trade secret, or any material that is determined to be threatening or obscene. ShoalsLink reserves the right in its sole discretion to delete any information entered onto ShoalsLink's system by User. Use of cgi scripts allowed, but must be cleared by the technical administrator. User also agrees not to place any commercial material into their home directory for Internet use - either as a web site or a download area unless prior permission is granted. User's web site must be a noncommercial or personal home page only. Any site that is commercial in nature is subject to a $50/month hosting fee.

Simultaneous Logins/Dupes

It is not permissible for one account to access ShoalsLink more than once at the same time. It is not permissible for the user to place account information on a second computer for the purpose of allowing someone else to have access to user's account. When two computers access ShoalsLink with the same user name and password it is called a duplicate logon and subjects the user's account to a $5 duplication charge per incident and/or suspension of service.

Toll-Free Access

There will be 10 cents per minute surcharge that will appear on the user's ShoalsLink statement for use of ShoalsLink's toll free number. The toll free number will not incur charges on user’s phone bill, but will incur charges on users ShoalsLink bill.

ShoalsLink Responsibility

User agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ShoalsLink, Inc. its affiliated companies, employees, agents and licensees from all liabilities, claims and expenses, including attorney's fees, arising as a result of any breach of the AUP (acceptable use policy) or service/subscription agreement or any illegal, unlawful or unauthorized use of ShoalsLink, Inc.'s services, networks or systems.

Resale of ShoalsLink Resources

Resale of ShoalsLink's network and services is strictly forbidden unless under written authorization from ShoalsLink, Inc.

Junk E-mail/Spam

User will not use ShoalsLink's network to abuse the Internet with items such as unsolicited junk e-mail broadcasts & newsgroup spams. ShoalsLink prohibits the use of its network as a mail drop or name server for spams from throwaway accounts on other sites.

Termination of Account

ShoalsLink, Inc. reserves the right to immediately suspend an account on reasonable suspicion of violating this AUP whilst it is investigated and to terminate the account if proven. Violators of this AUP will be billed for any costs incurred in dealing with them. Users whose accounts are terminated for violating this AUP are not entitled to a refund of any prepaid fees.

Network Attacks

Use of ShoalsLink account to disable, harm or attempt to harm another computer via the Internet or with User's access account is strictly forbidden. Termination of account and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law will result.

Modification of AUP

ShoalsLink, Inc. may modify this policy at anytime without prior notice given. Use of account constitutes users acceptance of policy implied in fact.

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