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Shoalslink Membership Agreement

Membership Usage Agreement

Title I


All provisions of this agreement apply to the User's principal account and all accounts associated with it. Use of Shoalslink Accounts is expressly limited to the individual whose name appears on the account and dependents of the account holder living at the same address further known as "User". User agrees to use the service in a manner consistent with any and all applicable rules and laws.

Subtitle 1


If User is less than eighteen years of age Agreement must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, who is responsible for all charges related to the use of User's account(s).

Subtitle 2


User is responsible for all use of User's account(s) and confidentiality of password(s). Shoalslink will suspend access or change access to User's accounts immediately upon the notification by User that his or her password has been lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. Account must be canceled by phone, postal mail, or in person. No refunds will be given.

Title II


Users may cancel their service by communicating in writing to Shoalslink Inc. at our office at 2580 Hough Road., Florence, AL 35630, or by e-mail at

Set-up/activation fees are nonrefundable. Fees paid for filtered service are not refundable. Shoalslink will terminate system access for the user at the end of the billing period. Any user canceling in the middle of a billing period will be responsible for paying that month of service. Accounts are not prorated for partial month service. Any prepaid service that receives a discount will not be refunded. This includes annual and semi-annual payments.

Users paying for their fees by credit card or automatic bank draft will automatically be charged on their invoices for any amount that the account has incurred. Including but not limited to duplicate login charges, overuse charges, and use of the 800/888 number provided by Shoalslink, Inc.

User is responsible for any applicable telephone charges for connecting directly to Shoalslink. User agrees to pay Shoalslink all charges relating to the use of User's account(s) according to rates and prices published at the time the service is used. For acceptable usage, see Shoalslink's Acceptance User Policy which is part of the membership agreement.

Subtitle 1


Shoalslink reserves the right to charge a monthly billing charge to all members to whom multiple invoices must be sent. Invoicing via electronic mail is provided at no charge upon request. All NSF checks are subject to a $30.00 service charge. Any accounts submitted to an outside agency for collection purposes are also subject to a $25.00 service charge.

Subtitle 2

Late Fees/Collection

Shoalslink reserves the right to charge late fees and/or collection expenses. Shoalslink reserves the right to suspend access to service for User's account(s) upon an indication of credit problems including delinquent payments or rejection of charges.

Title III

Limitations and Liability

Shoalslink's service is provided on an "as is, as available" basis, no warranties, expressed or implied. Neither Shoalslink nor its information providers are responsible for any damages arising from User's Internet use through Shoalslink. All inquiries are welcome via telephone during normal business hours. E-mail is always acceptable. Residential contact after normal business hours is not acceptable unless individual permission is granted.

Subtitle 1

Personal Information/Information Accuracy

Shoalslink is not responsible for User's personal information residing on User's personal system or Shoalslink's system. Shoalslink is an electronic distributor with no editorial or content or review control of the information passing through its network. Additionally, Shoalslink has no software screening ability and no methods preventing the posting of defamatory or inappropriate messages. Messages not written by Shoalslink, Inc. do not reflect the views of Shoalslink, Inc. Shoalslink, Inc. makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, as to the availability, content or accuracy of the information or service it is providing. Use of any information obtained via Shoalslink, Inc. is at the user's own risk and liability. Shoalslink, Inc. expressly denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services. Shoalslink retains the right to delete any information on its servers that it deems inappropriate.

Title IV


Shoalslink, Inc. agrees to provide full access dial-up Internet Service for reasonable use. Shoalslink reserves the right to change the Shoalslink service including but not limited to access procedure, hours of operation, menu structure, commands, documentation, and services offered.

Subtitle 1

Inactive/Delinquent Accounts

Shoalslink reserves the right to delete User's account(s) when not accessed for more than one (1) year. Shoalslink reserves the right to delete User's account(s) if delinquent for more than one month.

Subtitle 2

Termination of Agreement

Shoalslink at its sole business judgment, may terminate this Agreement and suspend access to User's account(s) upon any breach of this Agreement including but not limited to refusal or failure to pay for services provided.

Title V

Governing Laws

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Alabama and the United States federal government. Any Claims or causes of action related to Shoalslink must be instituted within one (1) year after the claim or cause of action has arisen.

Title VI

Modification of Agreement/Acceptance

Shoalslink may modify these terms and conditions online via Shoalslink's Web Site. User's use of Shoalslink's Internet service after such notice shall constitute User acceptance of the modification to this Agreement implied in fact. In the event Shoalslink, Inc. retains counsel or any outside agency to enforce any of the terms of the AUP (acceptable use policy) or service/membership agreement, it shall be entitled to recover all costs, including attorneys' fees associated therewith, from said user.

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